Keiran's New Wagon!

Keiran has acquired another wagon! This OBA wagon, 110443, was built in 1977 at Ashford works.

Kieran Fallows, Project: Railfreight Manager at the NWPG, said: “It’s fantastic to have secured this wagon and at the same time help raise money for such a vital charity.

“Wagons such as the OBA are an important part of our railway heritage. Typically wagons have a shorter lifespan than locomotives and passenger stock and are often scrapped en-masse. The NWPG are looking to turn this around, not only preserving these historically important pieces of rolling stock, but by also creating detailed histories of the wagons we preserve.

“This vehicle will be part of our Project: Railfreight initiative, which aims to recreate the sight of a typical 1980’s Railfreight service as operated by British Rail under its Speedlink operations. “I was delighted when EMR allowed us to bid on the wagon and I’m looking forward to displaying it for others to enjoy.”

The wagon is currently undergoing repairs by Andrew Briddon at Peak Rail and will join the NWPG wagons at The Chasewater after repairs are completed.

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