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Good afternoon all,

Richard has contacted me to advise that we had no attendees to the AGM which was held this morning. I was unable to attend myself due to a last minute childcare emergency,

We have an upcoming event at Warley NEC on 25/26 November.

Richard has advised that for family reasons, he is stepping down as Secretary, but will remain a member of the group.

There has been a few developments in the last few days which is not good news for the group.

The Epping & Ongar Railway committee has advised us that they are no longer going ahead with the use of the tanker as a water bowser and have requested the wagon to leave the site. Andrew Goodman, who was the haulier used to move the wagon, who also holds a share in it, has agreed to move it to Long Marston for the purging and then onward storage at his facility in Sutton Coldfield. The bill for this will be around £2,950. This wagon has is proving troublesome (financially) for us, so i have requested a consultation of members and supporters on the future of the wagon.

The CDA has been given its FTR to run at the Chasewater. I have some equipment at home to start work on cleaning and restoration. The other two MGRs (one is ours, one is Andrew's on perm loan to us) are both running well and "earning their keep" at the Chasewater.

The ZDA at welwyn garden city is still there, I am in the process of trying to negotiate a refund from Stella at DB Cargo, as its unlikely we will ever be able to recover the wagon without the need for a crane etc. This wagon is part owned by myself and the group.

Richard is still happy for his box van to be part of our portfolio and we can continue to assist with any hands on if needed.

There is now a position for secretary. Position is voluntary of course, and mostly entails writing letters off to places (like the railfreight association) asking for donations or finding a home for wagons etc

Im in the process of getting some mugs to sell on the group stand when we attend events, along with streamlining the items for sale. Mugs, beers, pens, child mystery bags (sweets keyring pen and a few other bits) keyrings.

I will also keep one box of second hand items to bolster income

I can only apologise for all the troubles recently. I have really been trying to push memberships, however its not been forthcoming.

I look forward to constructive comments from all members and supporters who wishes to express them.

-- Kind Regards,

William Snook Chairman of The National Wagon Preservation Group Email: nationalwagonpresgroup@gmail.com | Web: http://www.nwpg.co.uk/

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