NWPG Members Day Event

D3429 NWPG Event

The NWPG event was a great success. We raised £260 in total for the group funds through sales and donations.

We opened with an informal chat and round up of the group's life so far. We then discussed what members would like us to do going forward.

The general consensus is to focus on building our membership base. We have a few more members on board as a result of the event yesterday which was a bonus.

Richard and I are going to work closely with the Chasewater to get the group VAT registered and registered as a charity.

If you or someone you know is interested in joining, please fill in the form on our website.

The group bank account is active - Barclays bank - "National Wagon Preservation Group"

If you would like to pay membership or make a donation please get in touch for the bank details.

Thank you for your continued support

Will Snook

Chairman NWPG

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