NWPG buys TEA 87867

National Wagon Preservation Group Important Announcement

It is with the greatest pleasure that we announce the acquisition of TEA Bogie Tank 87867.

Built by Chas Roberts in 1972, the wagon served its life admirably moving Crude Oil across the national network. The wagon was extant from the network for almost ten years inside the refinery and used to move various gases and fuels around the facility, before finally ending up as a Bitumen slurry tank.

This is the first 102 ton registered Bogie Tank wagon in preservation. The intention is to cosmetically restore the wagon to an excellent condition and, over time, get the tank purged. The wagon has a home in secure storage until a permanent home is confirmed. We will continue to fundraise in order to allow us to find a more permanent home and follow through with our promise to have the wagon professionally degassed.

A photo of the wagon in 1985 in ex-works condition: http://paulbartlett.zenfolio.com/smbpbogieclassa/h1a335c3f#h1a335c3f

The same as above, by another photographer, slightly different angle:


Here is the wagon in its current disposition:


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