​NWPG - What's our purpose?

​​Our aim is to preserve and exhibit a selection of wagons built since the formation of British Rail in 1948. The group consensus is to focus on wagons built within the last 60 years, however we would not overlook any older wagon should it be considered at risk.



Often, wagons are overlooked in preservation for the locomotives and coaches that provide a revenue earner for the line. Typically, wagons have a shorter life span than locomotives and passenger stock and it has been noted in the past where en-masse scrappings over a short period of time have seen entire classes of wagons disappear for good.


The NWPG are looking to turn this around, not only preserving these historically important pieces of rolling stock but also to create detailed histories of the wagons we preserve for all to read.


We have currently preserved an MGR coal hopper, a CDA china clay hopper and a TEA Tank wagon and are now turning our attention to their restorations

We have an MGR coal hopper that isprivately owned by a member, but on permanent loan to the group.

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Confirmed Sales Stand Events
DRS Open Day - July 2019
Chasewater Coal Weekend - October 2019
Warley NEC - November 2019
If you know of an event near you that our sales stand could benefit from, please contact us.
We are always grateful for donations to the sales stand for us to resell to raise money for the group.